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Our Solutions

The 101Catering hospitality procurement platform is made up of three core applications bundled with a fully customizable service offering to meet your client requirements.

Buyer Portal/Widget

Choose from one of our fully responsive buyer storefronts that are completely tailored to align with client branding, or simply use our Wordpress Plug-In to add our buying experience directly into your website.

Users may view the policy information, browse the menu, place a new order, check/amend an existing order, or repeat an historic order in just a few clicks.

Seller Portal

FoodVenue Commercial is our powerful, web-based procurement engine that has predominantly been designed to support the intricate demands and business rules that are typically observed within catering operations. As an enterprise-class solution, it is capable of supporting an unlimited number of vendors/locations, using single or multiple buy-side templates, with the distinct advantage of having hundreds of access control features to manage multi-tiered buyer and administrative users.










Our Services

Our reputation is built around delivering outstanding services to support your 101Catering deployment


A 2-3 day onsite program designed to support a timely and accurate implementation of the 101Catering solution.


Our Standard and Advanced operator courses can be delivered onsite to your team, facilitating a more natural learning process.


Too busy to manage changes to your menus in house? New staff to train? Our Premium Support Service program is an all-inclusive support offering to help your team.


Let us streamline your processes even further by integrating 101Catering with your IT, Finance or Procurement platform.


Do you have a specific feature request or unique process you would like to automate? It's software at the end of the day - we can make it do just about anything!


Our premier service tier. You'll be provided with 100% dedicated support resource(s) to help you manage your operations, including phone-in ordering for your customers.


Enterprise User Management
Roles and access rights can be easily set up to control feature access within the Back-Office solution. The system supports an unlimited number of user, unlimited user roles, and over 50 functions that can be switched on/off for each role.

Electronic paperwork is streamlined and thus easier to check for errors, and our integrated document repository allows you to store external invoices or temperature records against an order electronically. No more lever arch files, and reduced print volumes! Integrated calendar functionality lets you quickly see what events you have planned over the coming month facilitating more effective resource management based upon service demand.

Custom(non-menu) requests can be created with ease in the back-office; be it one-off items being added to an existing customer order or creating a customer quotation for a special event.

Policy Enforcement
Business and item level rules are set up and enforced within the buy-side solution to help the catering team manage the operation efficiently and effectively, according to their published catering terms and conditions. Back of House administrators are not restricted by the same rules, allowing, where viable, last minute or custom requests to be created at any time.

Order Management
Administrators have the ability to view and manage an order at any stage of the process, even before an order has been submitted. This provides the caterer with the ability to help customers through any difficulties and even build an order (or quotation) for the customer to view online. Automated emails that are fired throughout the workflow process can be customised and configured to ensure appropriate communication is sent to the right teams/individuals.

Item Management
Real time management of your service catalogue, with powerful features such as time-limited specials/discounts, promotional upsells. Our patented Smart Rule™ technology is embedded, allowing items to be automatically added or removed from a customer’s basket based upon meeting a set of pre-defined conditions being met. For example, “buy 10+ coffees and get free biscuits”, or “automatically add a labour charge if a customer wants a serviced event”. Supplier issues? Turn item availability on/off in just a single mouse click.

Integrated Reporting Suite
Over 50 different reports/styles provide the caterer with detailed insight into customer, sales, production and financial performance.

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